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Disk Bending

At Four4fly Kft. a modern hydraulic Baykal CNC edge bender enables the production of custom and/or series-produced sheet products in high quality and with accurate deadline compliance. To this end, our plate bending machines have been selected according to age and needs. Our edge bending machine is capable of working tablet plates and sheet parts based on technical designs in a length range of 4000mm.

Accuracy is guaranteed by computer-controlled machines programmed by our specialists. It is also possible to perform more complex bending, so you can create more complex profiles. The cornerstone of precise production is flawless bending. Perfecting of the dimensions in the designs and the specified angular range is an essential requirement, which is checked several times during production. During production, we guarantee the conformity of production by several checks.

The quality of our technological background meets the highest demands, we undertake bending even in rental work with our plate bending machine.

Disk Bending

Technical parameters of our bending machine:

  •     max. Bending length: 4000 mm
  •     max. Sheet thickness: 8 mm
Disk Bending

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